How Will The UK 2024 Election Effect Temporary Recruitment?

How Will The UK 2024 Election Effect Temporary Recruitment?

The UK general election in July 2024 has ushered in a wave of potential changes across various sectors, including recruitment. With the possibility of a newly elected government, policies and priorities will shape the economic and regulatory landscape.

As of March 2024, the UK unemployment rate stood at 4.3%, a significant drop from the 7.9% rate in May 2010 when the Conservatives took office. However, the job market faces several challenges. AI is transforming daily work processes, ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel are affecting the economy, and major companies like The Body Shop are facing administration.

How the employment law will change depending on who’s elected

The Conservative Party has been relatively quiet about its specific plans for employment law. Recent reports suggest that introducing National Service for 18-year-olds aims to reduce youth unemployment by providing skills and training, though its long-term career benefits are uncertain. Maintaining low inflation is intended to stabilise the economy, encouraging investment and temporary job creation through predictable business costs and purchasing power.

The Labour Party’s proposals include several initiatives aimed at job creation and improving public services. Delivering two million more NHS appointments annually will require a significant increase in temporary healthcare professionals. Closing private education tax loopholes and redirecting funds to public schools could lead to more jobs in the education sector, enhancing the quality of schooling and increasing temporary education roles further. Establishing Great British Railways as a public rail operator will generate jobs in the transport sector, focusing on efficiency and passenger service improvements.

Adapting to Change

The UK general election marks the beginning of a period of change and adjustment for the recruitment sector. By staying informed about new policies and trends, recruitment agencies can navigate these changes effectively, continuing to provide valuable services to their clients and candidates. As the possibility of a new government’s plans unfolds, adapting and responding proactively will be crucial for success in this dynamic environment.

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