Digital Right To Work Checks

Secure ID Checks At The Click Of A Button

We have partnered with the UK’s top certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP), TrustID to offer simple cost effective Digital Right to Work checks for recruitment agencies looking to comply with the new RtW check legislation.

Verify Candidates Identities Fast

Manage and invite candidates to verify their identity through your recruitment hub. Request a photo of candidates in date UK/ Irish passport along with a selfie to verify their right to work in a matter of seconds. This will then be pulled into a summary in your hub dashboard for a secure validation check.

Instant Validation Of Share Codes

If a non-UK national has generated a share code from the home office website, a simple Right to Work check can be carried out in our system using the generated share code and a selfie. Once submitted, you will receive an instant verification if the documentation is all correct.

Seamlessly Integrates

Assign candidates Right to Work checks along with registration documents using our secure e-Registration technology to save time and fill more vacancies. Right to Work verifications can be paired with shift manager so candidates with completed checks can be assigned to shifts with ease. All verification files can then be exported and/or stored in a secured area of your recruitment hub.

ID Checks From Anywhere

Our digital Right to Work checks allow recruiters to request and validate candidates identities from any device, anywhere at any time. This saves time at the start of the recruitment process to ensure you can place candidates quicker into new available roles.

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