Control, setup & deliver your legal requirements

Customise Compliance For Legal Control

Setup your requirements for compliance, across the business or specifically per role. Our compliance framework gives you control to set up and deliver on your legal requirements. Best practice gatekeeping of candidates ensures that only compliant candidates who meet specific criteria can be placed at work.

Manage Compliance All Under One Roof

With our temporary recruitment compliance technology, we can ensure that all of your legalities, documents, and signed forms are all in one place at all times for you to review. By setting up your requirements, the compliance feature within our Mobile Rocket app will allow you to not only deliver legal documents and request them to be signed for, but also have complete control over them.

Assign To One or Many

With our Compliance feature and the way it integrates with our CRM, you can send out legal documents to be signed to one or many candidates at once. All signed paperwork will then be stored for you to review if you ever need to in our secure system.

Controls & Checks

Throughout every stage of registration and on boarding, you are in full control of what you need candidates to be fully compliant for. Documents always have multiple steps that need to be followed and our system helps you manage everything in one place.

Review & Approve

Through a simple click of a button, you can review and approve documents from your candidates, in one simple secure system. This allows for a full overview of all candidates paperwork in one convenient place.

Expiry Deadlines

Deadlines are important for any recruiter to reach their targets. That's why we provide deadlines and expiry alerts so you can still complete all compliance documentation within your specified timeframe.

Evidence of Records

Store evidence of records in one secure location so when needed, you can review all legal documents for your candidates in just a couple of clicks. All evidence of records will be stored against each candidate so everything can be reviewed and checked much more efficiently. You can view, review and update as and when you require.

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