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Time saving shift management to place candidates into shifts quicker

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Reduce the need for spreadsheets, numerous calls, and manage your shift schedule from any device, anywhere, at any time. Allowing you to conveniently cut out the middleman and manage your clients and candidates more securely.

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Shift Manager Features

Shift Manager Calendar

Simple to use, user friendly calendar view that allows candidates to be assigned to shifts with ease. View outstanding open requirement shifts that can be dragged to available candidates for a role that matches their skills.

Rates, Roles & Shift Types

Clients can set up rates for each shift type for any day of the week, am or pm, which can then be applied to any role to ensure compliance and accuracy. Assigned candidates will then receive a shift breakdown on their smartphone that they can accept for an available role.

Bulk Assign Candidates & Clients

Candidates and clients can be seamlessly assigned to roles, shift types and locations in bulk which can then be managed in the calendar view. Clients can also add reoccurring shifts to save even more time when assigning open requirements for the week to filtered candidates.

Quick Fill Shifts

Sometimes a shift will need filling quickly. Quick fill shifts allows recruiters to promptly ask candidates if they are available to fill a role. Agencies can also filter down which candidates to send push notifications to, if they have worked at the company before and if they have skills relevant to available job roles.

Shift Reporting & Timesheet Integration

Filter by agency, candidate, client or department to see an overall summary of the total charge, total margin, average shift duration and much more for the week. Shift manager integrates with our online timesheets technology to provide accuracy and accountability between agencies, clients and candidates.

All-in-one shift management to save time & place more candidates

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