Rates, Roles & Shift Types

Reduce Admin With Rates For Shift Types

Create pay rates for any shift type (day of the week, bank holidays, overtime etc.) So when candidates are assigned to roles, they can see rates, roles & shift types. This saves agencies so much time when assigning shifts to candidates by providing automation compliance.

Update New Roles With Ease

Add new roles to be assigned to client supervisors in your shift manager hub. Save so much time by adding shift types to specific roles and say if you want to allow the client to sign off the shift on site. This only has to be completed once for each role so the same settings can be used for future shifts.

Assign Shifts On The Move

Once agencies have set up rates, roles and shift types, these can be easily assigned to candidates who will receive a shift breakdown on their smartphone with all the details of the shifts and rates associated with the role. This helps recruiters place candidates on the move with so much more efficiency.

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