e-Registration that saves time and fills more vacancies

Register More Candidates With Our e-Reg Technology

Our next generation of e-Registration allows recruiters to register and induct candidates from any device, anywhere, at any time of day to automate your recruitment process and save your agency time to fill more vacancies with qualified candidates.

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e-Registration Features

Easy Registration

Candidates can e-Sign registration and induction documents from any device with the swipe of a finger and build forms directly in the system, saving more time during the recruitment process.

Digital Right To Work Checks

Recruitment agencies can now use our cost effective digital Right to Work check solution that complies with the new legislation. We have partnered with IDSP, TrustID to offer this streamlined ID check technology.

Manage Candidates & Documents

Once a right to work document, form etc. is signed, your team will have full access to approve/ disapprove a candidate by the click of a button, anywhere, anytime on any device.

Induction & Onboarding Packs

All your candidates' induction and onboarding documents/ videos are stored in one convenient place in a paperless workflow system. Making it quicker to assign to your new candidates.

Documents Legally Signed

All electronically signed documents are fully compliant and stored in your encrypted system, easy to access and difficult to lose unlike paper documents.

Branch Tagging

Once this feature is enabled you can filter how you view and manage candidates in one simple click. If you need to view candidates from one of your branch locations, this can be filtered down and an individual can be created.

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