How Rocket Recruitment works

Joe on phone

Meet Joe

Joe is looking for a job, and has been referred by a friend to download a recruitment app for a local agency because of how easy the entire registration process is.

The app this agency is using is powered by Rocket Recruitment.


Joe quickly finds the registration
form at the touch of a button

He registers in minutes and is automatically asked to upload any supporting documentation.
Once finished he confirms registration with a simple swipe of his finger.

Registration Registration 100%
Hand and Registration

Seconds later, Sarah from the recruitment agency receives an alert that a new candidate has registered...

Sarah sees that Joe has completed 100% of the registration form on her iPad and has just passed his digital right to work check.

Sarah Sarah Mobile
Candidate Dashboard Sarah Checklist Approved Line

Within minutes, Sarah sends Joe a push message from the Rocket Recruitment management system about a job. Joe can’t believe it - he only just registered! After a call to discuss details of the job, Joe agrees to go to the shift tomorrow morning at 9am.


Joe 'clocks in' to his first shift via his smartphone

He then uses the system to ‘start break’ for his lunch and ‘clocks out’ at the end of a great first day.

Hand with phone

This alerts the client

They can then approve the hours so Joe can be paid.

Client Sign Off
Client Sign Off Line Line

Hi Joe, You've just been paid


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