30th Sep 2022

How Candidates Complete A Right To Work Check

How Candidates Complete A Right To Work Check

A digital right to work check couldn’t be easier! Here is your guide on how to complete your own right to work check:

Step 1: Open your requested Right to Work check email on your smartphone and click ‘Start ID Check’. If you open this email on your desktop, simply scan the QR code from your smartphone to be directed to the Right to Work check page.

Request ID check - email

Step 2: Candidates will need their smartphone, a valid UK or Irish Passport.

Once your identity documents are in hand, you can get started and consent to the ID check which will be carried out through verified identity service provider, Trust ID.

Candidate consent form

Step 3: Upload a picture of your in date passport for verification. Make sure your ID is straight and in view with nothing covering it.

Candidate upload pic of passport

Step 4: Next take a selfie on your smartphone which will be submitted along with your passport for biometric face checks. The system will then use this technology to verify your identity using your passport and selfie.

Candidate upload selfie

Step 5: Your Right to Work check will be complete. If the check has failed for some reason, the agency can review why and send out another check.

Right to Work check complete

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