We Are Shaking Up The Temporary Recruitment Game

We Are Shaking Up The Temporary Recruitment Game

The temporary recruitment process can be a real concotion just like creating a cocktail… With the help of Mobile Rocket and our temporary recruitment software, you can shake up and liven your recruiting process, making it much easier for you to manage and place candidates!

Just like when you are creating your favourite cocktail, you choose the best ingredients to create success and a deliciously tasting drink. You can manage your candidates in one convenient system from any device, anywhere in the world and at any time. Plus, you can chat to them, send push notifications and set shifts.

You will have on record all their personal details including bank details and notes in one secure area so that you can make payroll much easier and quicker.

Seamlessly manage candidates

The e-Sign feature within our temporary recruitment software allows you to view all of your candidates’ documents seamlessly and place them at a workplace in no time at all.

By using our temporary recruitment software, you can guarantee that your recruitment process will be simple, easy and stress-free. With a variety of different features, you can build and personalise your app to suit your temporary recruitment business.

Mix the perfect recruitment cocktail with Mobile Rocket today and book your free demo!

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