27th May 2022

6 ways to level up your recruitment digital footprint

6 ways to level up your recruitment digital footprint

In 2022 it’s important now more than ever to ensure your recruitment agency has a strong digital footprint. Why? Streamlining a digital recruitment process has always been a growing trend, but since covid, it has excelled a lot. For many recruiters this is no surprise but the majority of agencies are still yet to set a strong digital solution in place.

With this in mind, our 6 key ways to level up your digital footprint are:

Social Media

One of the biggest, free ways to embrace your recruitment digital footprint is utilising social media. I know what you are thinking, more that 90% of recruiters are using social media these days, but have you really stopped to think of a strategy to ensure you can make the most of these free platforms?

LinkedIn in particular is a huge asset for recruiters, profiles are online CV’s which make it easier to connect with a network of people to onboard them as candidates. Taking the time to create a ‘social media strategy’ will ensure you find the right candidates for the right roles.

Responsive website

Your website is key to growth. Any candidate that comes across your company on Social Media, or if you reach out via email, 99% of the time they will search for your company to see exactly who you are from your website.

Research from Glassdoor suggests that at least 58% of people are using mobile devices to search for new jobs. From these mobile job seekers there are 53% fewer applications completed on a smartphone because applications can take up to 80% longer to complete than on a desktop. Having a responsive website means that candidates can easily visit your site on their mobile device, and even apply for jobs on their phone.


Don’t stop at a responsive site! If you spend time optimising it for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation, SEO) you can eventually show up more in local searches for candidates looking for roles that you provide.

There’s a lot more to SEO than meets the eye, so ensure you get a professional to take a look at what’s missing on your own website.

Review job boards

For the majority of job boards you have to pay to post jobs in front of candidates. If you have been posting on job boards for years, that’s great, but have you stopped to look at your job ads compared to the most successful recruiters out there?

To make sure you get the most out of your digital job ads, ensure you take a deeper look into what information you are providing. The more info you can give about the job in hand, the more likely you will find the right candidates for your roles quicker.

Did you know, only 22% of recruiters list the salary in their job description? In a highly competitive industry, it’s always best to stand out!

Paid ads

In recruitment, it can be hard to keep ahead of the competition, utilising paid ads could help you stand out from the crowd, if implemented right. Just like SEO, you should always seek professional help so you don’t waste all of your budget, but paid ads can allow you to get in front of candidates pretty much anywhere online, in your local area.

There are many different types of paid advertising channels you can look at to invest in, all with their own pros and cons. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and even LinkedIn advertising can be great ways to target candidates.

Test everything

You could have the best recruitment process on paper but does it work when put into place?

If you have any of these key digital processes already in place, you must monitor them on a regular basis to ensure your agency gets the most out of digital recruitment. Just like anything, something that has worked for you before, might not necessarily work today. Testing everything and fine tuning your process can help you gain more quality candidates.

If you need help, advice or a simpler way to recruit. Contact us today to see how we can help streamline your recruitment agency for immediate success!

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