17th Mar 2023

6 Top Tips for Finding Perfect Candidates

6 Top Tips for Finding Perfect Candidates

Recruiting new talent can be very time consuming, especially if you want to find the best candidates for the jobs you have available. However, with the right approach, you can make the recruitment process more engaging, efficient, and effective. Below, we will explore the top tips for recruiting more candidates and building a strong brand as a recruiter.

Engage With Your Candidates

One of the key ways to attract more candidates is to create a digital, streamlined recruitment process. You can do this by using various communication channels, such as email, social media, or video. Start by spending time on creating a compelling job description that highlights the key responsibilities and requirements of the role. Use clear and concise language to describe what the job entails and what you are looking for in a candidate.

Engage with candidates through key channels such as social media (LinkedIn is key), job boards, and if you are a 21st century successful recruiter, app technology to engage with candidates everywhere they go.

Candidates Want Feedback

Providing feedback to candidates can help build a positive employer brand and encourage more candidates to apply for your roles. When a candidate applies for a position, ensure that you acknowledge their application and provide regular updates throughout the recruitment process. This could include letting them know when their application has been received, when they will hear back from you, and if they have been shortlisted for an interview (or not).

After conducting an interview, it is essential to provide feedback to candidates. This can help candidates improve their interviewing skills and can also help them understand where they may have gone wrong. Providing feedback also demonstrates that your company values its candidates and takes the recruitment process seriously.

Prepare for Future Roles

Another way to recruit more candidates is to build relationships with potential candidates for future roles. This can be done by attending job fairs, industry events, and by networking on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Building relationships with potential candidates can help you create a pool of talented individuals who you can reach out to when a relevant role becomes available.

Create a Memorable and Smooth Experience with Recruitment Tech

Technology can help you streamline your recruitment process and make it more efficient. This should include using an app to allow candidates to access shifts and recruitment documents from anywhere, or a CRM solution to hold candidate data safely in one online location. 

In the current recruiting climate, there are increasing numbers of Gen Z candidates looking for work. This generation looks for a smooth, hassle free experience when finding work, and would rather get recruitment processes out of the way quickly, remotely, without having to travel back and forward to sign documents or attend inductions. Technology such as e-Registration and digital Right to Work checks can help in creating a smooth experience for all of your candidates. 

Build a Strong Brand

Building a strong brand for your recruitment company is essential for attracting top talent to your organisation. Your brand is the image and reputation of you as a recruiter. A strong recruiting brand can attract more candidates to your organisation and can also help retain your existing employees and candidates.

To build a strong brand, you need to create a positive company culture that values its candidates. This could include offering flexible work arrangements, providing professional development opportunities, and offering competitive salaries and benefits. You can also use social media to showcase your company culture and to highlight the benefits of working for your organisation.

Respond to Reviews on Sites Like Recruito

In today’s digital age, candidates often research potential employers and recruitment agencies online before applying for a role. This includes reading reviews of the company on sites like Glassdoor or Recruito. It is essential to monitor these sites and respond to any reviews, both positive and negative.

Responding to reviews can demonstrate that your company takes feedback seriously and can help you address any concerns that candidates may have about your organisation. This can help build a positive and strong brand and can also encourage more candidates to apply for your roles.

In conclusion, recruiting more candidates requires a strategic and multi-faceted approach. Start now to improve your systems to create better experiences for your candidates and to make your stand out in a crowd of Recruitment Companies. 

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