The Perfect Timesheet App for your Temporary Recruitment Agency

The Perfect Timesheet App for your Temporary Recruitment Agency

At Mobile Rocket, we understand the importance of a timesheet app for your temporary recruitment agency. By allowing your candidates to complete timesheets online it prevents any damage from occurring and them being able to access and complete them anywhere in the world. With our sleek, state-of-the-art, all-in-one app you can approve the timesheet when submitted and send a reminder if it has not been completed. That’s what makes the perfect timesheet app for your temporary recruitment agency.  

What Features Are Included? 

We are extremely proud to be able to offer a wide range of features for those who choose our timesheet option. These features include Clock In/ Out, Copies Sent To Client & Candidate, Client Sign Off, Reports and Geofencing. Each of these features gives you a full overview of your candidate, how they are performing and their whereabouts. Read on to find out more details about each feature and why our temporary recruitment software is perfect for your business.  

Clock In/ Out 

It’s time to go paperless and move everything to being online. Take the first step with Mobile Rocket and our Clock In/ Out feature. Allow you candidates to simply clock in/ out and pause for a break all through one simple touch of their device. Our app has been specially designed with the user in mind making it as easy and stress-free as possible. Paper timesheets take time. Having to find a pen, fill it out, keep it somewhere safe and remember to hand it in… if you have a candidate working in construction for example, you may never see the timesheet. That’s why a timesheet app for your temporary recruitment agency is the ideal option.  

Send Copies Directly To Clients & Candidates 

Convenience for our clients and candidates is at the forefront of what we do. All online timesheets are kept in one system so that both recruiters and candidates can view the data when they choose. This process allows the timesheet to be approved by the recruiter when it has been submitted by the candidate.  

The Sign Off  

Every time a paper timesheet is handed in it must be checked, ensure all dates are correct before it is submitted to payroll. By using our timesheet app for your temporary recruitment agency, you can optimise payroll. Check the timesheet online, they are then added to your system, approve it, and off it goes to payroll. It is a seamless process that you should have in place.  


Crunching numbers and looking at the data is a key element to any business which is why within your app you are provided with the option to export a report and analyse the statistics. There is no need for you or your team to go over the data to check for any errors as the system will highlight anything that doesn’t look right when you first log on.  


Candidate safety is a huge part of any temporary recruitment agency, which is why we created a geofencing feature allowing you as a recruiter to be in the know about where your candidate is at all times when they are at work. You can see when a candidate arrives or leaves the workplace and if they are at the right location when they should be. If your candidate is not at work on a particular day, you can set the setting to lax meaning you can’t see their location.  

To get a timesheet app for your temporary recruitment agency, please book your free demo here or call our team on 01325 633287.  

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