21st Sep 2023

The All Inclusive Job Management Software

The All Inclusive Job Management Software

All inclusive… sounds good doesn’t it? With Mobile Rocket, our job management software allows trades and services to remove administrative tasks and hassle from your business, making it a simple and easy process. You can book your free demo with our Rocket Trades team at any time.

Whether you are a cleaning company, electrician or any other business within the trade sector, our app can make your business administrative tasks simple. No more job sheets, setting shifts, handing out paper, it can all be completed electronically on the go at a time that is convenient for you.

Our all inclusive, job management software app has a multitude of features which are available to you as and when you require them. From push notifications and employee availability to shift management and task management, to name a few. The features and capabilities of our app is endless…

Features You Can Benefit From…

Streamline tasks, minimise extra admin, open up communication and make the working process much simpler for you and your employees. Engage fully, manage your employees and the work that they do. They can submit timesheets online, update their progress, accept shifts and chat with you through a few simple clicks on their phone.

Do you find that your employees have a tendency to lose timesheets? They’ll never have that problem again with the Mobile Rocket app. With your very own timesheet system, they can fill out the details, upload it and it is there ready for you to approve in a few seconds.

With simple and easy to use features such as drag and drop, you can make changes to your employees shifts in seconds. Do you need an employee to pick up a shift last minute? Drag their profile to the date and time and they can approve from their end.

Book A Demo

If our app sounds like something you’d like to purchase and implement into your trades business, we can help you. Take the first step by simply booking a demo with our team, discuss your requirements with us and what features you would need to begin with. As your business grows, your app can grow too adding extra features as and when you require them.

Get ahead of your competition and talk to us about our job management software today.

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