Manage Employees & Documents

Right To Work Documents

By using our e-Registration system, you can avoid the hassle of lost or damaged paper right-to-work documents, which can otherwise cause delays in the working process. With our system, you can easily manage and store all your employees signed documents in one convenient location.

Compliant Documents To Manage Employees

Our e-Registration system ensures that all electronically signed documents are fully compliant and can be accessed on any device, at any time when you need to manage your employees.

Employees Can View & Download

Our efficient e-Reg system enables not only employers but also employees to access the system. This feature allows employees to view and download their own documents, empowering them to manage their registration process and complete all necessary documents on their own.

Customers Who Use Us

Unlock the power of our e-Registration technology that helps your business onboard more employees, quickly.

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