2nd Nov 2023

Care Home Software Management

Care Home Software Management

Rocket Healthcare designs software for Care Homes that simplifies everyday work tasks. Our software is designed so that you can ditch multiple software solutions and have everything in one place, offering the perfect all-in-one workplace management solution that connects different staff members, supports shift management and offers fast and efficient patient care updates.

Admin Management Solution: Reduce Paperwork

Rocket Healthcare provides an easy, user friendly way for care home staff to manage admin and spend more time caring for residents. With this care home software, it gives the ability for health care professionals to be able to offer more hands-on care and significantly reduce the time spent on admin paperwork.  

In addition, all documents and communications can be stored and downloaded and offers complete communication between members of staff

Effective Communication: Reduce Errors

With our in app chat facility you are able to communicate quickly and effectively with your employees, especially if they are out in the community. A lot of communication methods such as WhatsApp get missed or can be easily ignored and messages can go unread and unanswered. With our chat facility, you are able to communicate directly with your employee to get time- critical information from them. 

Effective Group Communication: Push Notifications

You are not only just able to communicate with one employee at a time using the chat facility, you are also able to communicate with groups of employees using push notifications. These notifications can’t be missed by your employees as they have to click on the notification to get it off their phone screen. These notifications can also be scheduled in advance to go to specific individuals or groups at certain times, speeding up and simplifying your communications methods and providing instant updates. 

Staff Solutions: Minimal Time Required

This feature of Care Home software is able to keep up to date with logging staff training and right to work records. The software also allows you to create important form templates and allows for electronic signatures.

Client Management: Assign Employees to Clients Easily

Eliminating the need for paperwork and complex systems, we make it simple to assign employee to specific clients based on their location, and employee availability. 

Staff Shift Management Solution: Manage Your Time

Furthermore, with the Rocket Healthcare App, it makes it easier for staff to track their current schedule and make easy and quick changes in regards to their shifts, and be notified of any changes in real time. 

This software really is an all-in-one solutions for managing staff and helps support:

  • Logging staff when they arrive and depart for shifts
  • Easily allows you to create available shifts and assign the correct individuals to roles.
  • You can get sickness or last minute cover quickly with our Quickfill Shift System, if a shift is suddenly available, all available staff will be notified and it will be filled with the first employee to say they are able to take it. 
  • Faster and easier payroll
  • Planning for holidays 

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