Quick Fill Shifts

Employees Can Be Matched To Shifts

By using the quick fill shift section, you can specify shift details and indicate the number of staff required. Once you hit the 'find employees' button, a list of available employees who match the criteria for that client will appear, along with their percentage match relevancy to the shift. This eliminates the need to sift through employees one by one, saving you a lot of time.

Find Shifts That Need Filling Quick & Easy

The shifts on your calendar that require attention will be highlighted in distinct colours to indicate whether an employee has dropped out of a shift, is available for a shift, or is unavailable. This makes it easy for companies to swiftly modify shifts and promptly update any necessary changes.

Employee Alerts To Urgent Shifts Or Jobs That Need To Be Filled

Send a push notification directly from your shift manager hub to the employee’s phone so shifts can be filled up quickly and effectively.

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