Shift Manager Calendar

Assign Shifts & Jobs With Ease Via Drag & Drop

Drag and drop shifts and place jobs with available employees simply and easily. Open shifts, booked shifts and published shifts are colour coded in the calendar so all outstanding shifts can be placed quickly.

Simple Shift Duplication

Shift manager is extremely easy to use, it allows the employer to simply swap shifts and jobs around if needed or duplicate shifts for employees at the click of a button. Saving your company administration time which in turn places employees into shifts and individual jobs quicker and easier.

Easy To Check Employee Availability

Employees can easily update their availability within your own branded app. Employees can select when they are available to work whether this is am, pm or certain days of the week. Employers can now see exactly who is available for specific shifts and jobs, this is viewable in our purpose-built shift and job scheduling calendar.

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All-in-one shift management to save time & place more employees

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