8th Apr 2022

Interview with with Neil Carberry – REC

Interview with with Neil Carberry – REC

What can recruiters do to succeed in a post pandemic world?

The recruitment industry has changed, since the pandemic recruiting processes have been moved to online. Now we are coming out of the pandemic, the industry is beginning to realise how much simpler their registration and induction process can actually be using a digital solution.

To get more insights of where the recruitment industry is headed, we spoke to Neil Carberry from the REC when we were at the Recruitment Agency Expo in February and he gave us three top tips on what recruiters should do to succeed in a post pandemic world:

Neil spoke about a couple of things that recruiters can do in a post pandemic world:

1: The economy is fundamentally different now with lost of changes taking place, so recruiters have to get close to the client to understand that they have different needs. Traditionally this discussion can be quite difficult because your contact in talent acquisition doesn’t want to have that chat but focus on things like candidate care.

2. Fundamentally recruitment is a people business, getting support for recruiters is super important.

3. Buying the right tech in a savvy way, not just buying tech because everyone is getting tech. Getting tech that you know will help your agency grow.

Businesses who do these three key things, will be in a great place by the end of the year.

What is your agency doing to succeed in a post pandemic world?

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