Unveiling the Power of Care Home Management Software

Unveiling the Power of Care Home Management Software 

The Mobile Rocket team has carefully designed a Care Home Management Software that allows care home business owners and staff to manage all documentation for their staff and patients all in one place. But our technology doesn’t stop there, you can also create timesheets for your employees, chat with them, arrange shits, check where they are during their shift and much more! 

Our Care Home Management Software is like no other… book your FREE demo here.  

Take Control with Rocket Healthcare 

We understand that looking after a business is a full-time job and when you are also caring for those in a care home, you have less and less administrative time on your hands. When you recruit new staff, you need to onboard them in a timely matter so they can begin work. That’s why with our Care Home Management Software you can do all the usual paperwork and right to work checks through our app solution, view them and refer to them at any time you choose.  

Save Time and Focus on your Patients 

With the help of Rocket Healthcare and our Care Home Management Software, you can save time and hassle by not having to use paper to ensure all paperwork is correct and up to date. Within the healthcare profession, we also understand that requiring references from previous employers is essential. Now, with the Rocket Healthcare Care Home Management Software you can chase referees in just one click to ensure that you have everything that is required.  

Enhance Communication 

Effective and professional communication is the foundation of quality care. With residents, families, and staff members all playing crucial roles in the care home ecosystem, ensuring clear and timely communication is paramount.  

The Rocket Healthcare Care Home Management Software facilitates seamless communication through features such as messaging and notification alerts. Staff can communicate effectively and address and coordinate plans.  

With a Care Home Management Software that has a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features and unwavering commitment to care, the Rocket Healthcare app can do nothing but improve and streamline care homes across the country.  

Please book your free demo by clicking here, or call our team on 01325 633 287.  

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