16th Mar 2022

What has easing restrictions meant for recruitment?

What has easing restrictions meant for recruitment?

The UK might be starting to get back to normal but what about the recruitment industry?

Before Covid you may have been using paper forms, seeing candidates face to face and taking time to do everything… Fast forward to 2022 when Covid restrictions are lifted, over 93% of recruiters say they will continue to use digital efficiency to grow their agency.

Why recruiters are continuing with digital efficiency

Digital efficiency not only saves recruiters time, but also paper and admin costs. We have noticed a trend with UK agencies looking to continue using technology to improve and automate their recruitment process.

Recent recruitment stats from around the industry show:

  • 70% of companies say their recruiting and onboarding is at least half virtual.
  • 36% of recruiters say AI would make their jobs better.
  • 70% of executives expect to hire more temporary and contract workers this year.
  • Growing from 18% in 2017 to 37% of recruiters using it today.

Build more connections between candidates & companies

New online tools that automate recruitment have risen by over 80% in the UK since 2020, and as more recruiters see the benefits to saving time and costs, it should come as no surprise to why these trends are here to stay.

Not only that but new technologies are making it increasingly easier for recruiters to connect with candidates easier and much more efficiently.

Solutions successful UK recruiters are using

If you don’t already know, our technology is, unlike a lot of off the shelf technologies out there, catered specifically to recruiters. This means that we have listened to what the industry needs and have provided solutions with new technologies.

With e-Registration you can save time and fill more vacancies…

✔️ e-Sign registration & induction documents from any device
✔️ Approve, disapprove candidates forms in one click
✔️ Store documents in a paperless workflow
✔️ Fully compliant in one encrypted system

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With App technology you can manage all candidates on the move…

✔️ Sent push notifications to candidates about new jobs
✔️ Candidates can apply for jobs on the move
✔️ Speak with candidates in real time
✔️ Candidates can update their availability
✔️ Track when candidates have clicked in/ out

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With Online Timesheets, you can go paperless and never lose a timesheet again…

✔️ Track candidates when they clock in/ out
✔️ Accept or deny candidates timesheets quickly
✔️ Approve timesheets that can be sent to payroll hassle free
✔️ View all data in an easily digestible report

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To summarise, as the restrictions are completely lifted in the UK, the need for digital efficiency and automation is here to stay for recruitment. The trend between successful recruiters and their use of technology is proven that if you want to get on top in this competitive industry you must onboard new software solutions.

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