Recruitment Software Bespoke To Your Business

Our Rocket Recruitment Software has been designed to streamline and simplify the recruitment process.


With our variety of app features in our rocket recruitment software such as Push Notifications, Job Board Integration, Chat, and Candidate Availability you can manage your candidates individualy in an easy-to-use way in your own branded mobile app

With ease, you can send call-to-action messages for your candidates to read and action, they can apply for positions in minutes from your app, chat with them in real time and they can update their availability with days and shifts they are available to work.

Save Time Whilst Filling More Vacancies

Automate the recruitment process by using our specialist recruitment software. Using any device you wish, you can ask your candidates to sign legal documents that are required, conduct right to work checks, manage all documents, and much more. With so many features available for you to benefit from, it really is a no-brainer, our Recruitment Software is perfect for all recruitment agencies looking to streamline their processes and reduce the need for physical paperwork.

Our Recruitment Software Is Much More Secure Than Paper

Avoid risking having documents on your desk where others can easily access them. With all of the legal documents you require, induction and training packs all on our Recruitment Software app you can ensure that everything is accurate and legally binding through your device.

Plus, We Have Integrated An e-Signature Feature Too

Collect compliant digital signatures at any time when you require them.

Discover all of our e-Registration features within
our Recruitment Software

Easy Registration

Induction & Onboarding Packs

Documents Legally Signed

Digital Right To Work Checks

Manage Candidates & Documents

Branch Tagging

Cut Back On Costs

Timesheets make life so much easier. There is no need to worry about where you put a specific candidate's timesheet or think you are going to misplace it. Doing everything online allows your candidates to clock in and out, and pause for breaks directly from their device wherever they are.

Once complete, their timesheet will be sent directly to you for approval and for you to file away.

Timesheets Sent To Payroll Automatically

With our Recruitment Software, as soon as the timesheet has been approved it can be sent straight to payroll with no hitches. At the end of the working week or month, you can easily export all the data from the timesheets into a report that is easy to digest.

Put your pen and paper to one side and keep everything under one roof with our Recruitment Software.

Candidate Management All-In-One System

Within our Recruitment Software, youʼll have access to a central candidate dashboard where you can easily manage your jobs, branches and skils. You'll have the ability to just engage with candidates who are relevant to your current roles and view the documents that they have already completed.

Trackable Tasks

Trackable tasks can be created within our Recruitment Software meaning you can see what has been assigned to clients before communication is made. When you are dealing with specific clients you can create a personalised approach.

Everything is bespoke to you and your business with our all in one Recruitment Software.

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