18th Jul 2023

How Technology Can Help Cleaning Companies Grow

How Technology Can Help Cleaning Companies Grow

Technology is ever changing, there are always new developments and trends that are happening. In the technological industry, there are many ways it can be put to good use and help businesses to thrive and succeed. With Mobile Rocket and our market leading technology, we can help cleaning companies grow, expand and improve work for their employees. Our app has been designed to grow with your business, you choose the features you desire as and when you need them.

Keeping your employees in the loop

With a specialist software, you can keep your employees in the loop at all times. Set specific shift hours, remove all administrative hassle and let technology do all of the hard work for you. You can communicate with your team much easier, see when their shift started and ended, how long it took them to complete a job and much more. With specialist features you can ensure that nothing ever gets lost in translation, make everything as clear as possible by using technology.

Our Mobile Rocket app for cleaning companies, really will help you to do all of that. Choose features and a design bespoke for you. Learn more here.

Reduce Admin Work

Reducing time needed to be spent doing admin will save you from having a dedicated team member carrying out this role 24/7. Dip in and out of it when you need to and let technology do the rest for you. You’ll not need to be printing paper meaning you’ll also be doing your part for our planet. All your timesheets will be in one place which as an employer you can review and approve in seconds.

Improve the quality of your business

As you’ll be able to see exactly what has been completed by your employees and make notes on specific jobs, you’ll be able to keep your customers in the loop about what has been complete, what’s still left to do and much more. Plus, as an employer and employee you can easily drag and drop your shifts to make them work around you are your requirements.

Take your business to the next level with Mobile Rocket and automate your business solutions with our market leading technology. It’s easy to use, completely controlled by you and you choose when you want to add certain features. Why not book your free demo today and our team can help your business to take off? Book your demo here.

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