4th Feb 2022

4 Time Management Skills Successful Recruiters Need

4 Time Management Skills Successful Recruiters Need

Good time management is essential for recruiters to master, ensuring you achieve your goals every day in the highly competitive recruitment world. It allows you to plan your work days, so in time you will need to put little effort in to get the biggest results.

Plan your days ahead of time

This doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think. You can make a to-do list of not just what you need to do that day/ week, but of your goals and tasks you might have forgot about or put off. That way you can work on what you need to do and consult your new to-do list for the things that usually get left.

Other ways you can plan your days or weeks are by setting deadlines, or give self rewards for wins. In fact, 29% of UK workers say that Mondays are usually the most productive day of the week.

Work smarter, not harder

Start tracking how long it takes you to complete tasks, that way you can comprehend how long you spend your time on certain tasks so can then see where any improvements can be made. Not only that, but tracking your time can tell you where you could add automation into your workflow that gets the same tasks done, in a much quicker time.

Automate everything you can

Automating some of your process will not only help save time on time consuming tasks but will put you in a better headspace to become more productive. Tasks such as emails throughout your recruitment process can be automated so you can select which template you need to send out to which candidates. In fact, we have a useful free email template guide for recruiters that you might find really useful. You can downloaded this here >

Not only that but you can automate recruitment from the very start. If you get your job ads right, you will only attract (in theory) the right candidates for the job. Saving you so much time on going through all the candidates.

Have the right processes in place

Recruitment is not just about having a process in place and rolling with it, it’s important to always review what you are doing in order to define any room for improvement. With that in mind, does your current process use paper forms and a filling system?

In a highly competitive industry, you must look for digital solutions to tie everything together, and to ultimately register more quality candidates, quicker. CRM, App technology, e-Registration and Online Timesheets are what we specialise in. Take a look around and see what solutions we offer that can help you improve your entire registration process today!

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