22nd Feb 2024

The Perfect App For Care Homes

The Perfect App For Care Homes

Working within a care home can be such a rewarding job for many. To ensure your admin is streamlined and stress-free for better care, have you thought about an app for your care home? Our innovative all-in-one solution for care homes offers a simple, user friendly app experience that encourages better care. 

With an app for care homes, it allows you to manage any new employees you take on board all within your own branded app. Plus, it doesn’t stop there, both your new and existing employees have the opportunity to complete any compliance documents quickly and easily. There are so many state of the art features that are available in our app for care homes, that you’ll be wanting to add them all!  

Some of our top features include… 

  • Chat Feature – for both internal and external use 
  • Push Notifications 
  • Employee Of The Month  
  • Shift Manager 
  • Timesheets 
  • Geofencing Sign In 
  • e-Registration 
  • Digital Right To Works Checks 
  • Automated References 
  • CRM  
  • Automated Reports 

All these digital solutions help to reduce your workload while supporting your care home. 

At Mobile Rocket, we understand that the healthcare industry is such a fast-paced and busy environment, no two days will ever be the same. That’s why we have introduced this app for care homes to allow your team to provide care to those who really need it and rest assured that the admin side of things won’t take them long at all as it is all streamlined in the app. There will be no fear of losing paperwork, keeping patient family and friends updated, or worry about where staff are when they are out visiting other patients.  

The app for care homes allows you to have a full overview of how your staff are progressing, how the onboarding process is coming along with new employees and you can keep in constant contact with your staff. It really is the perfect technology for care homes.  

To book your free demo with our team and learn more about our app for care homes, please click here.  

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