Taking Steps Towards a Healthier Future

Taking Steps Towards a Healthier Future

Here at Mobile Rocket, our team are dedicated to creating positive change for not only advancements in software and technology but also the overall well-being of communities. Within Rocket Healthcare, our main aim is to help create accessible and flexible healthcare software that are tailored to exactly what you need. Whatever your services are, from diet and nutrition to children’s health, we can help you create an app that helps you to connect with your community and provide vital information in an easy-to-digest format.

With features such as push notifications, live chats, multiple device compatibility and so much more, accessing health and wellness information services has never been easier with our dedicated healthcare software.

Earlier this year, we were honoured to partner with multiple NHS trusts to assist with their digital transformation strategy. We have since successfully developed an interactive digital application that has proved to be a first-class communication and service delivery tool. If you would like to find out more, please check out the articles we were featured in for Wakefield Express, Your District, Yorkshire Press and Nova.

If you are looking to create a digital space for your employees or patients to access information and services, book your free demo today of our healthcare software!

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