30th Aug 2023

Cutting Edge Temporary Recruitment Solutions

Cutting Edge Temporary Recruitment Solutions

As a temporary recruitment agency why should you choose to use a recruitment solution? There are a number of different ways that cutting edge temporary recruitment solution like the one that we develop can benefit both your recruitment agency and your recruitment candidates. With features that will put you ahead of your competitors, our Mobile Rocket temporary recruitment solution will allow you to solely focus on your candidates and finding them a job.

It’s a solution you won’t be able to live without, sign up for your free demo today by clicking here.

Making it Simple for Managing Candidates

All in one easy to use space you can manage who your more qualified candidates are at anytime and anywhere. See all of the information you have asked them to fill in including their electronically signed documents, CVs and any other documents you may have asked them to upload. With our all in one temporary recruitment solution you can speed up the recruiting progress and have complete peace of mind that everything is in one place.

Take The Stress of Admin Work Away

Paper copies of documents may be a trusty old-fashioned way of knowing exactly what you have but if you’re across the other side of the world and you require information immediately… paper copies are going to be your worst nightmare. With the Mobile Rocket temporary recruitment solution, you’ll never run the risk of losing a CV or signed document again. Reduce your admin work by 90% and improve errors by up to 80% by contacting Mobile Rocket today to book in your free demo with a member of our expert and dedicated team.

There are so many different features available with our recruitment solution such as: push notifications, job board integrations, chat features, legally signed documents, References and much more.

With the option to use timesheets online, book your team into different jobs, approve shifts and keep track of their progress, our app has been specifically designed to put you in the driving seat. Take control today with our temporary recruitment solution.

You can call us on 01325 633287, email: sales@mobilerocket.co.uk or click here.

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