12th Apr 2024

The Revolutionary Care Home App from Rocket Healthcare

The Revolutionary Care Home App from Rocket Healthcare

Imagine having an App that allows you to streamline and completely simplify your Care Home business… With the Rocket Healthcare Care Home App you can do just that and so much more. Our team have taken the time to carefully develop our Care Home App so that you can simply apply it to your business and have a multitude of features at your fingertips. 

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Included Features 

Within each of our Care Home Apps, there are a number of features included. The top features include but are not limited to: Chat Feature, Push Notifications, Time Sheets, Employee Of The Month, Geofencing, CRM and much more. Manage your employees with ease and ensure all correspondence is under one roof. Plus, you can even allow family members to chat with staff through the Care Home App so they can be kept in the loop about their loved one. 

Maintaining social connections and being able to communicate with relatives is extremely important for everyone, not just those in care. The power of being able to update family about a patient is incredible and allows them to have complete peace of mind too. Through facilitating communication and personalizing care to each patient contributes to the overall quality in life within care homes. As technology continues to evolve and we continue to grow our Care Home App, there will only be more features that we add in the future to help your business provide the best care possible.  

In a day and age where technology is such a huge part of our lives and the rise of applications is bigger than ever, a Care Home App can allow your staff to focus their time on providing the best care possible and know that the administration tasks aren’t going to take long or require piles of paperwork.  

Make your Care Home systems more straightforward with our Rocket Healthcare Care Home App.  

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