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Will Lockdown end on 21st June?

The end of the pandemic is in sight…. Or is it? As we approach the 21st June deadline for easing lockdown restrictions there has been a rethink as the new covid variant grows. What exactly will this mean for the recruitment industry?

Will lockdown end on 21st June?

On the 17th of May the UK came further out of lockdown as we were able to meet up with more people outdoors, indoors and restaurants were finally open inside. With the rise of the Indian variant there has been speculation that the UK government will delay the lift of full lockdown restrictions on the 21st June.

By the 21st June we should see all restrictions easing with the predicted exception of wearing face masks in some public areas and keeping some sort of social distance. More people will be going back to the office and we will see more normality if everything goes to plan.

However, if covid cases start to rise again the government will pause the roadmap out of lockdown, or even worse, we will revert back to the restrictions from the start of the year.

As of now, Borris is telling us all to wait and see if lockdown will end on the 21st June. So with these further unpredicted times, as a recruiter, you need to prepare for every scenario.

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How will this affect the recruitment industry?

According to REC, A survey pointed to a substantial increase in hiring activity across the UK, as the easing of national lockdown measures and vaccine progress boosted confidence around the outlook. Notably, permanent placement growth hit a near six-year high, while temp expanded at the quickest rate since November 2017.

The full ease of lockdown will be beneficial for everyone but for the recruitment industry it will mean seeing candidates face to face will become a lot easier. Not only that but since covid has affected many job roles, as there becomes a more improved market confidence, the recruitment industry in general will sharply rise.

However, recruitment trends predict that remote recruiting has proven to be quicker and efficient than traditional candidate onboarding. This tells us that you must keep up with the predicted sharp demand and if you haven’t already, use new technology to improve your recruitment process.

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