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Which Industries are Thriving in 2020?

COVID has affected every aspect of our lives and many businesses have been hit hard over the past six months. However, there are some industries that are thriving in 2020 and these companies are important to keep an eye on as there could be many recruitment opportunities in the near future.

Delivery services

The delivery service industry has seen a spike in demand this year. From supermarket food deliveries to amazon goods and of course, PPE delivery companies. The efficiency and safety this offers has overwhelmingly appealed to a lot more people in the past six months.

This means that there will be many more opportunities for temp recruiters in this sector to onboard candidates. In fact, during the pandemic, Amazon has opened 15,000 new full and part-time positions and delivery driver opportunities throughout the UK.


Since we went into lockdown in March, there have been queues at supermarkets and people ‘panic buying’ toilet rolls. Supermarkets are starting to handle demand more in recent months but at the beginning of the pandemic supermarket staff were overwhelmed by the demand.

To handle demand, Aldi are planning on opening an average of one new store per week from now until Christmas and Lidl plans on opening 25 new stores in the run up to the end of the year. This will boost demand for more supermarket employees in this sector as we continue to operate in unforeseen times.

Digital Industries

Most companies that heavily focus around a digital presence have seen some sort of boost during the past six months. More people are needing to use digital technology which means there has been a higher demand for technical support.

As you know, most of the recruitment process has had to come online, meaning companies that offer video conferencing have also been thriving in 2020 such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype. Zoom app users have risen from just over 2m before the pandemic to more than 6m in the first couple of months of lockdown – that’s an increase of over 150%.

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What does this mean for Recruiters?

Continue to keep up with digital demand and be creative in the way to plan your future business model. Because no one knows exactly what is going to happen in the recruitment industry yet, it’s important to keep up with any new trends you come across. Check out our previous post ‘Recruiters Survival guide to working from home’ to find out how to keep up with these latest trends.

If like many companies yours has been heavily affected by the pandemic this year and you are making do until it’s all over. It might be time to re-look at how you operate and look for new digital opportunities because this trend is not going away anytime soon and will be here to stay long after the pandemic is over.

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