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Top Tips For Successful Recruitment During COVID-19

Whether you like it or not, normality is still not in our reach and the way some temp agencies operate has determined whether they will survive in a growing competitive market. We have looked at a multitude of tactics in the past 11 months to see what has been working and what isn’t in the recruitment world during Covid. Here’s what we have found so you can apply these tactics to your agency to succeed in a changing landscape.

Become competitive

A recent Gartner survey found that one in three companies are looking to hire more temporary workers which can give them more flexibility and reduce ongoing costs. As we see the shift to more online shopping there has been a huge demand in the supply chain, warehouse and distribution centre staff. Because of the higher competition for temp staff we are seeing more companies listing better wages and job perks too!

That’s not all, some companies are becoming more creative in how they are advertising jobs to gain a competitive advantage such as posting video job descriptions. You can find out on how to do this in our ‘job ads that target the right candidates’ post here >

Learn how to deal with candidates remotely

This is the biggest trend that is continuing to rise in 2021. We are seeing more recruiters trying to find new and quicker ways to register candidates remotely.

In fact, a new piece of research commissioned by Open Access Government found that 80% of UK recruiters across different sectors used at least one remote hiring solution during the first lockdown, which has subsequently increased over each lockdown. 66% of recruiters are also expected to move to a more hybrid recruiting model in the future as a result of COVID-19.

This with the increasing trend to apply for jobs on smartphones tells us that you need to utilise a solution whereby you can register candidates remotely and efficiently on multiple devices. Here at Mobile Rocket we have the perfect seamless e-Sign solution that allows you to register and inducts candidates remotely! If you book a free demo you will discover the “eureka moment” that your recruitment agency has been missing out on – That’s not our words, it is directly from a customer!

Streamline your recruitment process

Get your online presence up to scratch

It’s clear that COVID-19 has surcharged the need for online recruitment to be the go to resource for new candidates. This doesn’t just mean improving your website, your online presence needs to be tackled so you can portray your companies values to any passing candidates.

This means not only having a seamless process for candidates to register on your website but you must manage any online reviews, and comments you get on social media or review platforms. Any issues that may arise, try and solve them so if any potential candidates come across these, your company will be perceived in a positive light. This could give you that competitive advantage from other agencies too.

There is a trend for temp work & flexibility

Since March last year there has been a recruitment trend whereby permanent positions have been slightly decreasing and temporary employment has increased. In fact temporary recruitment has increased by 4% on a seasonally basis since the beginning of last March compared to the year before, according to the office for national statistics.

So as we are still in the grips of a third lockdown, be sure to take a look at your recruitment process and ensure you take these steps to improve your remote recruiting to keep up with the competition and survive until we get back into a new normality.

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