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Top 5 must have qualities of a recruiter

All top recruiters have a certain set of qualities that make them the best at what they do. During the current candidate shortage, recruiters must be willing to go the extra mile to get candidates in the best job roles, especially in the temp recruitment world.

According to Glassdoor, 76% of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their number one challenge. So it’s important that your agency hires the right staff to attract more quality candidates!

So, what makes a top recruitment professional?

People and networking skills

A good recruiter should have people and networking skills which allows them to quickly identify the best candidates beyond a cv and cover letter. This enables recruits to be able to place candidates much quicker, especially when they are connecting with potential candidates in advance to allow them to get a better understanding of the best traits for the job you’re recruiting for.

Process Driven and Organised

A good recruiter needs to be organised so they can juggle multiple recruiting tasks and candidates at the same time. If a recruiter delays in responding to applicants, this can push them to other recruiters.

Building relationships is key to placing the right candidates and an ideal recruiter will have tools in place (candidate sourcing tools, managing tools etc.) to sort through high volumes of candidates to help along with the recruitment process.

Keep the team diverse

Sometimes, recruiters who have the longest employment aren’t going to be the ones who are going to bring in the most revenue. This isn’t the case for everyone but some of the time those recruiters are the ones who think because something has worked in the past it will work again now and shrug off any new ideas or technologies that are being introduced in the market.

With this in mind, ensure you keep your recruitment team diverse, a team with a wide range of experience will help you fill in those gaps in your recruitment process and put you in a good stronger position within the recruitment market.

Tech Orientated

Easy to use recruitment technology like Temp Hero is paving the way for successful recruiters who want to automate their recruitment process to place more candidates.

A recruiter needs to feel comfortable in the tools that they use and embrace new technologies to ease the recruitment process. Hiring a recruiter who will keep their eye on new tech will help your agency flourish in a competitive market.

Temp Hero offers just that, we provide:

  • e-Registration that saves time and fills more vacancies
  • Go paperless with Online Timesheets
  • Ability to manage candidates with a Mobile App

Think ahead

Good recruiters will follow Industry trends, and build a pipeline before any new job roles come through so when the right candidates come along, you will be able to place them with ease. Top recruiters know exactly where to look for experienced candidates in the fields they are looking for and they are not afraid to explore LinkedIn and social media to give their recruitment an extra boost.

Do you have any of these top recruiter qualities?

If you are looking to update your recruitment team, look out for these top qualities, because in a tough industry, you need new ways to level up your agency!

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