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The Best Marketing Campaign We Have Ever Had – So Far!

We always used the traditional approach of marketing, sending out an email then following it up with a phone call, but the results were never great…

…We knew we needed to use all the tools available to us – rather than just relying on a few.

So we designed a 5 pronged marketing attack and I thought it a good idea to detail the campaign below so that you too can gain similar results in your campaigns.

Here is a breakdown of the campaign over a 2 week period…

  • Letter with scratch card and poker chip
  • LinkedIn Connection and message
  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Video Message

1) Letter with Scratchcard and poker chip.

We wanted to add a fun element to the campaign, one that would get us noticed and remembered.

Here is the letter we sent out: Click Here

We also included in the letter a £1 scratch card and a mobile rocket branded poker chip (see the above picture)

We sent out 100 letters in a RED envelope, we hand wrote the address and used a second class stamp.

2) LinkedIn Connection and message

The next day we then sent out a LinkedIn connection requested to all the 100 contacts we sent the letter to.

Here is the very simple connection request we used:

“Hi Firstname,

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn.



Once they connected with us – we then sent them a personalised message, mentioning the scratch card and letter we sent to them.

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3) Email

Day 4 if we haven’t heard back, then its email time!

This is the exact email we sent out: Click Here

It’s at this stage that we get the most responses. After all this is now the third time we have tried to contact them.

4) Phone Call

This call is so easy, as it is no longer a ‘cold’ call but very much a ‘warm’ call.

When asked what the call is regarding we say its regarding the lottery ticket we have just sent to them and then when through we ask them straight away if they have won!

The responses have been brilliant – most say that this is one of the best marketing campaigns they have come across.

We make 2-5 attempts to get hold of them at this stage.

5) Video call

If we haven’t been able to make contact at this stage, we send a video message using the amazing free video tool from Vidyard.

Here is the video message we sent out: Click here

Video is so great to get you to stand out and remembered.

This blog has been written only 1 week after we started the campaign, but all ready we have had some amazing results.

We have had prospects clicking on our site and booking demos.

We have had prospects call us directly and book demos

We have had prospects come back to us and say this is the best marketing letter they have ever seen.

This campaign taught us the importance of keeping our prospecting fresh and varied. Combining marketing tools together yields much better results.

We would love to hear your feedback – let us know how you go.





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