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CRM Solution To Seamlessly Manage Employees

Easily manage employees, save time, and access their details from any device, anywhere with our secure, simple to use CRM system. Seamlessly integrate with your existing processes and enhance your success with our e-Signature and online timesheet technology.

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CRM Features

Employee Management

Speed up time-to-hire, build employee trust and streamline employee management with a central dashboard. Automate daily processes by integrating into our e-Registration technology and enhance payroll efficiency with Online Timesheet integration.

Client Management

A client management platform that centralises and tracks client information including contacts, sectors, skills, job titles, branches, departments and more. This solution allows for the allocation of tasks and supervision of candidates in specific areas to ensure your recruitment process is running efficiently.

Document Management

Documents can be uploaded and managed all in one central system that can be assigned to specific candidates or clients. Documentation from e-Sign and Timesheets can be maintained in the CRM system.

Task Management

Assign tasks to clients and candidates to follow up on documents that need to be completed to complete registration, or remind them about an upcoming task that needs to be completed before applying for a new role.

Activity Management

Add colleague and client notes to manage recent activity regarding candidates. This dashboard can also be used to send emails to assigned candidates, keeping everything in one easy manageable location

CRM to manage your hiring success & & reduce costs

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