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Recruiter tips to take into 2021

With only a couple of weeks to go before the end of 2020, recruiters should already be preparing for a busy January. In addition to what you should already have in place for 2021 we have created a helpful list of additional tips that you should include into your 2021 plan…

So, how can you prepare for January?

New ways to expand your candidate pool

As we touched upon in our previous post when we discussed what tasks recruiters must prioritise this December, potential candidates are more active this time of year because they are looking for a fresh start for the new year. If you engage with these candidates now, you are more likely to place them into a new role come January (or sooner) while the competition is much quieter. A couple more things that can expand your candidate pool and attract high quality candidates include:

  • Talking about the company culture – This is huge for millennials and is something many are now considering over pay these days.
  • Optimise your job listings – Take the time pre 2021 to take a look at your job listings and improve them to attract more high quality candidates in 2021.
  • Improve your website – With the boost of digital in 2020 make sure that your website is up to scratch so potential candidates can register seamlessly with no hesitation. If you need a helping hand, discover more here >
  • Automate candidate screening – We will talk more about automation later, but you should start looking at new innovative ways to reduce the time you spend on unnecessary tasks so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Continue recruiting through Social Media

With the surge of digital importance within the recruitment sector in 2020, we can safely say that Social Media recruitment is becoming more essential than ever. Recruiters need to not only showcase their brand and available jobs but you must ensure that LinkedIn is a priority. Not only is LinkedIn great to source candidates, you need to improve your own profile as a recruiter is up to scratch so candidates can come to you.

Social media is a great tool to seek passive candidates and if you post engaging content, they will become more interested in your job postings. If you want more tips for recruiting on Social Media, visit our top tips here >

Streamline your remote recruitment process

Check out what your competitors are doing

This year we have seen a lot of change in the recruitment industry and 2021 will be no exception. As everyone settles into a new normal it’s not enough for recruiters to continue operating the same old way, one way to improve your process is to keep an eye on your competition.

When we say keep an eye on your competition we don’t mean to copy off what they do, but to look at their online presence, website, social media, what systems they have in place etc. then adapt and improve on anything new that you are not already pursuing.

Plan for a technological future

Did you know that 72% of employers believe that within the next 10 years, more roles within talent acquisition will be automated? (CareerBuilder) In fact, because of the digital trend from COVID more and more recruiters are jumping on this trend, which means that you should automate your recruitment to stay ahead of the growing competition.

That’s not all, technology has come a long way and here at Mobile Rocket we have become the go to for recruitment technology. Not only have we built a Registration and Induction system to register candidates remotely as a result of COVID, but we offer seamless recruitment apps so you can ultimately place candidates quicker. What to discover more? You can request a free demo from a member of the team here >

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