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Staff Communication App Technology

Wellbeing & Support All-In-One System

We offer prisons the latest app technology that will enhance your staff communication and grow your internal prison structure for better engagement so your workforce feel more involved.

All-In-One Communication Tool For Staff

Our app technology not only provides your prison with communication efficiency right at your fingertips, but will help you adapt to an increasingly younger generation of workers and build stronger relationships on the go.

Upload Weekly Bulletins & Governor Vlogs To Keep Staff Informed

Governors can upload videos and weekly bulletins directly onto their personalised app to give staff important and timely information on latest goings on as well as up to date wellbeing support.This opens up an effortless source of communication between the governors and staff.

Regular Communication Through Push Messages

Communicate with staff through push messages directly to their phone so everyone is up to date with the latest news and goings on. Group push messages can be sent out or individual push messages to specific employees to provide a versatile communication solution.