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Mobile Rocket CEO Discusses New Technology

One year into lockdown everything in the recruitment industry has changed. To ensure recruiters succeed, Mobile Rocket have been developing new technologies that will help recruiters succeed in a new socially distant world and beyond.

To give you a better understanding of where Mobile Rocket is headed, we organised an interview with the CEO of Mobile Rocket, Adam Lee and here is what he said…

What does Mobile Rocket offer?

“We help recruiters connect with their candidates a lot more efficiently, they can save time and money using technology which can manage candidates to collect real time data so you don’t need to use paper forms.”

“We make it easy, inducting candidates doesn’t have to be face to face anymore because the world has changed completely to where we were 12 months ago. Our product allows recruiters to induct and register candidates remotely through the power of a mobile app, making the connection between the recruiter and the candidate stronger than ever.”

What does Mobile Rocket want to achieve this year?

“The key thing for us this year and next year is to make sure we partner more with recruiters to make sure we build the technology that everyone wants through feedback we receive and making sure we deliver the right tech to the right recruiters at the highest level ensuring we dominate the market.

Why do recruiters need us now and not later?

“Recruiters must move in the direction of technology. Most people have got a mobile phone, so one of the biggest reasons to join Mobile Rocket now is that you don’t have to register and induct face to face, you can do everything remotely. You can be anywhere in the world and you can induct a candidate.”

Streamline your recruitment process

How do we solve the top challenges recruiters face today and for the foreseeable?

“We do things differently, the reason we do things differently is that we ask recruiters what they want and that’s key.”

“Being in the industry for a number of years, we see other companies build technologies that they think is best for recruiters, rather than working with the recruiter and making sure they are delivering what they actually want which is what we are doing every day.”

What’s the future of Mobile Rocket look like?

“To be a leader in technology for recruiters!”

“I believe that we can bring technology to the recruitment sector 10 time better than what is currently out there. The feedback we are getting from our products is fantastic! The look, feel, user registration, experience, the time is saves, the money is saves…. We are already ticking the boxes recruiters want and that’s only going to get bigger and better.”

“The key thing for Mobile Rocket is we want to work with recruiters to make sure we give them what they want and we are not just following the market, we are dominating it”

“The only way to dominate the market is to become bigger and better and I believe that is what we are doing as a company. The way I describe it is – Apple didn’t copy IBM, Apple became Apple because they are doing things differently, which is exactly what we are doing with recruiters. We are doing it differently, we are doing it better, we are doing it more efficiently and we are going to deliver technology that’s above and beyond what’s already out there.”

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