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Verified Contactless Induction

Induction & Onboarding

Main Benefits

Upload your induction, training and onboarding online through our system.

Upload or build your own forms, terms and compliance docs.

Candidates can electronically sign terms, contracts and forms securely.

From anywhere


Upload your client induction packs and deliver them through your own personalised mobile app, from wherever they are. Notify candidates when a new document is ready to sign, to ensure they are actioned as soon as possible.

Digital induction

Documents and videos

New hires can e-sign contracts and forms, using the latest e-sign technology making them legally compliant. Share digital registration forms, training videos, Power Point presentations, PDFs and Word documents with candidates from wherever they are, ensuring they are 100% compliant before going out to work.

Candidate confirmation

Seen and acknowledged

Notifications keep you up to date with the progress of your candidates through their registration process. You are notified as soon as a document has been approved, signed or viewed so that you can ensure candidates are out to work as soon as possible.

Audit ready

Signed evidence

Securely store forms and documents, encrypted and audit ready. Quickly and easily find any document, form or induction information signed by a candidate with legally binding evidence should your agency be audited.