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How Candidate Feedback Can Improve The Recruitment Process

Feedback can be a powerful tool and in today’s online world, you can’t escape it. For recruiters, gaining feedback online can prove to be essential when it comes to attracting the right candidates. If candidates provide essential feedback, you can apply these key recommendations within your recruitment strategy.

Monitor and respond to online feedback

As well as sending your own questions to gain candidate feedback, there are many online platforms out there where people can go on and leave a review/ feedback for the whole internet to see. Google, Trust Piolt and Glassdoor are just some websites that let candidates freely review your company, so ensure that you keep on top of these to see what candidates think of your agency.

If you have an account set up on these platforms you can reply to every review, whether good or bad. You shouldn’t ignore any negative feedback, instead reply and try to solve the situation. That way future candidates can see that you are always trying to satisfy and improve.

Make your onboarding process more efficient

Don’t only respond to reviews, make sure you really take onboard what your candidates think of the company and if there is a recurring theme of recommendations then this could be a sign to look into this specific area of your process to improve.

Onboarding new candidates can be a long process, even before the pandemic hit, and now it’s almost impossible to onboard candidates face to face. Gathering feedback from current candidates can provide essential advice on what you need to change in an ever changing market.

To ensure your onboarding process is fully compliant and abiding by socially distant rules, you need to look for a remote registration solution. Here at Mobile Rocket we offer the latest e-Sign technology that allows you to simply onboard and register new candidates to save a lot of time! Find out more and book a free demo here >

Streamline your remote recruitment process

How to collect candidate feedback

As mentioned before, if you are signed up to online review platforms, you can gain excellent feedback, but that’s not all. You should take the time and conduct your own bespoke survey to send to current and past candidates so you can get a better understanding of how your recruiting process is. Create a detailed survey that runs through every aspect of your process and send it from an online survey platform, you can create basic surveys on most platforms such as Google Forms or Survey Monkey for free.

Find out what the best candidates are looking for

Finding the top candidates can be tricky at the best of times, and a lot of the time, the ideal candidate could slip through your fingers just before they onboard. These are the perfect kind of candidates to ask what motivated them to go elsewhere, which in turn will give you the knowledge of what your ideal candidate is looking for.

Most of the time top candidates will choose other recruiters because of additional job perks they offer. This could anything from flexible working hours to a more wholesome company culture.

In today’s quickly changing world you must keep a close eye on your recruitment process to ensure you are staying ahead of the touch recruitment competition. Sometimes if you take a step back to review the process and talk to those candidates who are experiencing it, you can pinpoint any improvements that need to be made.

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