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How can temp recruiters beat the candidate shortage?

With the pandemic hitting on top of Brexit last year, there’s no doubt that the country is see a candidate shortage, with lack of necessary skills in the temp recruitment industry and uncertainty of job security.

According to REC, demand for temp workers has increased at a record rate in over 23 years, while available candidates have been in decline – Resulting in a candidate shortage!

How can you find more candidates during a tough time?

Plan ahead & tailor your recruitment process

Those that are, and are willing to build relationships with related recruiting and staffing industries to build a bigger client base will be in a stronger position during the candidate shortage. You can ask for employee referrals and reach out to passive candidates on platforms such as LinkedIn. If you want to find out more about how to target passive candidates, read more here >

Be creative

Finding new ways to discover more qualified candidates is a must in the competitive recruiting world. Luckily for you, we have done most of the work for you. We have recently introduced a new ‘Candidate Reactivation Framework’ via Temp Hero where you can download for free and use it as a template to build up more qualified from your pipeline.

Download your candidate reactivation template here >

If you have the resources, paid advertising could also be a great way to get more candidates. Social media sites such as Facebook can target those people are are interested in temporary work. But be careful, it can be tricky to set up so if you don’t know what you are doing, so outsource this to the professionals!

Can you think of any other creative way to find more qualified candidates?

Invest in new ways to improve your recruitment process

Investing in new technology can speed up your recruitment process and and essentially help you gain more candidates in new creative ways. Our latest technology is no exception!

Register more candidates with our e-Reg technology… Our e-Registration system allows recruiters to register and induct candidates from any device, anywhere, at any time of day to automate your recruitment process and save your agency time to fill more vacancies with qualified candidates.

Save time and costs with our online timesheet technology…. Prevent the struggle of lost or damaged timesheets with our new timesheet technology. Candidates can clock in/ out and pause for breaks directly from their mobile device that will be sent to you and the client for approval in seconds.

Streamline recruitment with a mobile app… Experience a new generation that will streamline your recruitment process, allowing you to manage candidates through your own branded mobile app to get ahead in a highly competitive industry, with a remote and efficient registration and onboarding solution.

Are you ready to level up your temporary recruitment? Get a free demo of our new Temp Hero system today >

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