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How can Recruiters Beat the Second Lockdown?

This week it was announced that the UK is going into a second lockdown which will affect many businesses across the country. We hope that after the first lockdown earlier this year recruiters have a better understanding of what they need to do in order to keep surviving during these uncertain times.

To give you a head start we have collected some essential tips for your agency to follow so you can get through another lockdown.

Working from home again

Although people have continued to work from home, many of us have just settled back into working in the office and now we are being thrusted back into our home offices. Don’t let this distract you from your end goal, there will be more candidates to take on board, so you have to ensure that you offer the right digital solutions to step up your recruiting efforts.

If you want more advice on working from home, check out our post on a recruiters survival guide to working from home here >

Streamline your remote recruitment process

Mobile Rocket’s solution for a second lockdown

COVID has opened up new opportunities for technology to evolve which has given us the tools to improve what we offer so we can take recruiters to the next level. We will continue to develop new ways to revolutionise the way recruiters operate, some of our latest technology includes:

Induction & Registration System

As you know now more than ever recruiters need to be able to induct and register their candidates remotely. Our new Registration and Induction software allows recruiters to do everything remotely, building your own forms, terms and compliance documents directly to your very own branded mobile app.

Once all induction and registration documents have been uploaded, candidates can use our e-signature technology to sign these documents which recruiters can then login and approve remotely. You can get your free demo for the Registration & Induction System here >

Online Timesheets to approve candidates quicker

Our new timesheet technology can approve candidates shifts quickly to save recruiters a lot of time. Our new timesheets feature works by collecting accurate clocking in/out data which can then be electronically approved from anywhere, anytime.
Candidates just need to click ‘start work’ on the app to start their shift, then hit ‘start break’ for any breaks and ‘finish work’ for when they leave work. Then this data will be distributed to the agency, candidate and client to be approved at the end of the working day, or the week. You can get a free demo of this new feature and see what else else we can offer to support you during difficult times here >

In the past couple of months we have seen digital technologies being used to boost recruiting efforts which is starting to prove successful in the survival for companies during these continued uncertain times. During this second lockdown, can you afford to miss out on these new opportunities?

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