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How can Mobile Rocket Streamline Recruitment?

Here at Mobile Rocket we strive to offer all recruiters a streamlined solution. Our new e-Sign technology allows you to induct and register candidates from any device, anywhere at any time. This solution helps save time so you don’t have to struggle registering candidates face to face anymore.

During the TEAM tech day, Kevin Ireson, the Sales Director here at Mobile Rocket interviewed John Stanton at MYNT recruitment who is one of our customers to see what he thought of our custom, easy to use solution and here is what he told us…

Why did John choose Mobile Rocket?


Video transcript:

Kevin: Why choose Mobile Rocket John?

John: We needed to invest and looking at the market place and what’s available, we could see that Mobile Rocket would offer us the best professional package.

You listened to us, you are cost effective, you are responsive and tell us up front how much everything will cost so there are no hidden costs. I like everything up front, I like to know where we are going and that’s what Mobile Rocket offers.

The technical side of the app was so user friendly for the end users which were the temps registering and our staff, you can manipulate it anyway you wish to get the best so it ticks all the boxes.

How have you benefited from our system?


Video transcript:

Kevin: So in a nutshell, how would you say you have benefited from using the system?

John: If I went to each of one of my staff now and said, I’m taking Mobile Rocket away from you they would probably hang me because it’s been that efficient and had that much of an impact.

We have clients that are very remote so therefore we have temps that are very remote to those clients. It’s so simple, quick, easy and responsive we couldn’t do without it now.

Would you recommend Mobile Rocket?


Video transcript:

Kevin: So would you recommend Mobile Rocket?

John: Without a shadow of a doubt. It’s a very very useful, user friendly piece of kit, you listen to what our needs and our demands were and you meet those. We paid a little extra to get some extra things on the system that we wanted to do and it was fabulous.I would highly recommend you.

Kevin: That’s brilliant, thank you.

Are you looking to streamline recruitment?

If you are struggling to register candidates face to face and need to save more time, then our new technology could just be the simple you are looking for! If you want to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get your free demo of the system today!

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