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Here’s How You Can Turn “Send Me Some Information” Into An Opportunity!

You call a potential client and they give you the old “send me some info” thing.

While there are lots of posts that offer great comebacks and how to “handle” these types of requests;

What do you when the person on the other end of the phone insists?

Instead of doing what everyone else would do (putting a marketing piece in an envelope and hoping for the best);

Why don’t you use it as an opportunity to show the recipient that you’re not like everyone else!



Record a quick 1-2 minute video where you talk them through a few items.


Call them by name, make it personal and lose all that corporate jargon marketing tells you to include. Pretend you’re sitting at the kitchen table with them having a cup of coffee and simply speak to them.

Pop Quiz: How many of those videos do you think they’ve received? Gold star and smiley face on your paper if you said Zero!


At Mobile Rocket – we do this every week. We send a handwritten ‘thank you’ card and then we send a personalised video, using their name.

Click >>>Here’s an example of a video here<<<

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Here’s the email we send:


Hi Sean,

Thanks so much for considering us for a mobile app.

Rather than boring you with some corporate, marketing piece, I recorded a short video to introduce to the business.

The video only takes 1 minute to watch but I need to confess something to you;

I left out something that I really believe could be helpful to you with (mention something you learned about them in your research).

So, please mark your calendar for this Tuesday, Date, at Time.

I’ll give you a quick call then!

Meanwhile, please enjoy the short video.



Here’s the thing;

Lot’s of people claim to be different and I have a shocker for you;

Not many people are willing to DEMONSTRATE it on the front end!

In sales, we use “evidence” to reduce doubt, skepticism, and objections.

One of the most powerful forms of “evidence” is simply DEMONSTRATING our difference and;

A little creativity can go a long way to facilitate that!

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