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Health & Wellbeing Apps

Have a look at the amazing health focused apps we have created.

Helping families stay active

Get Active

Promote families getting out and active with their children using the Get Active feature. Bring the family together whilst focusing on their health and wellbeing. Compete within your family to achieve 60 minutes of activity per day.

Understand your habits

Sleep & Screen time

The sleep and screen time tracking feature helps families take control over their screen time habits and sleeping patterns. Promote mindfulness of your own routine and encourage users to spend less time on screens and the right amount of sleep.

Newborn babies

Infant sleep and feeding

Helping new parents to keep track of their baby's feeding and sleeping patterns. Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding, the App helps parents keep track of how often their baby is feeding and sleeping.

Be mindful of your diet

Food Diary

The Food Diary feature encourages any user to be mindful of their eating habits and the calories, fat content and sugar of food they eat. This is ideal to use in conjunction with a practitioner to help manage weight loss.

Track your progress

BMI Tracker

Track the progress of weight loss using the BMI Tracker. Gives the user a clear, visible weight journey, BMI output and historical record to use in conjunction with a health care professional as part of a weight management program.

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