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Speed is of the essence

Shift Booking

Main Benefits

Build shifts and assign them

Confirm candidate bookings

Visibility of who attends their shift

Quickness is key

Create shifts

When it comes to booking shifts, speed is of the essence. Minutes matter especially when competition is fierce. Create a shift as soon as the requirement comes in, and start browsing for candidates to place from your easy to navigate list of available staff.

Place candidates now

Make bookings

Our shift booking system allows you to convert an available candidate into a booked shift within a couple of clicks, at any time of day or night. The candidate receives a notification and they accept the shift then and there – job done!

Transparent information

Client dashboard

Keep clients up to date with who is attending and when, with their own dashboard. This daily snapshot allows them to see which staff they are expecting on any given day, and allows them to see when they have clocked in and out for their shift, and that they are physically on site with key location data.

See who is attending

Tracking and live data

Data is paramount, so when it comes to confirming that staff are on site, you can quickly see where and when they ‘checked in’ and can breathe a sigh of relief. Rest easy knowing before the client, that staff are running late, or haven’t arrived on time and stay ahead of the game.