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Push Messages

Main Benefits

Reach candidates on the move

Push messages to alert to jobs

1 to 1 messages to specific candidates

Reach candidates

Push notifications

Send push messages to candidates who have downloaded your mobile app from your recruitment app dashboard. Send timely call to action messages and reminders when you need to, whether its to fill a shift or to request a candidate referral.

Direct messaging

1 to 1 Candidate Messages

Reach specific candidates with notifications about requesting a document, a shift, a job you think they might be suitable for, or to request a call when they are available. 1 to 1 messages allow your agency to target key candidates with ease.

Important shift messages

Shift alerts

Keep candidates up to date with key push messages about jobs, and when you have scheduled them a shift, so that they can accept new work in a few taps. Automated shift alerts do some of the work for you, to keep candidates in the know and to save you time.

Contact your workers

Reach candidates

Push notifications allow you to reach candidates and prospective candidates who are on the move, who might otherwise miss emails, or might not be registered with your agency. Push notifications allow your recruitment agency to extend your reach and target a much wider audience than you typically reach without a mobile app.