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All your jobs in one place

Job Board and Integration

Main Benefits

Integrated app job board

Quick and easily applications

Job search on the move

Simple to use

Job search

All of your jobs and shifts available on your mobile app means that they are always at the fingertips of your candidates. Accessible on the move and when candidates are between shifts, helping to ensure job vacancies are filled quickly and efficiently by your current talent pool.

All jobs in one place

Integrated job board

Make job searching simple for your candidates, by making all of the jobs available in one place – your mobile app.

Easy to apply

Quick applications

Mobile app job applications are simple, completed within a few clicks via your own recruitment agency mobile app. Candidates simply provide their basic details and can attach their CV to apply for a vacancy in a few taps.

Easy for recruiters

All applications together

When a candidate applies for a job via the mobile app, as well as being sent through to your job board the job was originally posted on, you are also alerted from one central Mobile Rocket email about new applications made via your mobile app.