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Electronic Signatures

Main Benefits

Documents signed today, not next week

Digitally collected, remove paper entirely

Compliant and accurate forms

Digitally collected

Legally binding

Electronic signatures collected through forms via your mobile app, whether you need an e-signature on a registration form or whether it’s a candidate signing to confirm their timesheet hours are correct, before being countersigned by a client.

Let’s make things simple


Make it easy for candidates and clients to sign any documents you require, by adding them to your mobile app and collecting compliant digital signatures where and when you need them.

Remove paper entirely

Compliant and accurate

Start completing registration forms digitally today with the registration form builder which allows your candidates to complete a longer document, broken down into smaller chunks, with legal electronic signatures collected where you need them.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available always

Your candidates aren’t always available between your office hours. Make it easy for candidates to complete forms and documents outside of your office hours. Collect candidate signed documents electronically at any time, from anywhere, with your own recruitment agency mobile app.