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Candidate Tracking

Main Benefits

See when candidates arrive on site

Safe guard their best interests

Data driven evidence for clients

Provide evidence

Safe guarding candidates

Tracking the location of your candidates through your mobile app is hugely beneficial to your recruitment agency. Knowing if everyone has arrived on site, is where they should be, gives both you and your clients confidence in your service delivery.

It couldn’t be easier

Clock in & clock out

Candidates clock in when they arrive at work, and clock out when they leave. Stamping the exact time and also location when they arrive at work. It couldn’t be simpler for candidates, and its hard to dispute accurate location data when clients are querying who was on site.

Transparency and oversight

Next level value

The new client dashboard available to your clients is the future of added value which a business would expect from their recruitment agency. At a glance they can see who is due to arrive on any day of the week, and those that are already on site and the time they arrived.

Simple & accurate

Staff management made simple

Candidate tracking makes keeping accurate records of staff being on site and at work easier than ever. The data is invaluable when checking if someone arrived to their shift without having to call every single one of them, meaning your recruiters work smarter and candidates know you are looking out for them.