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Candidate Availability

Main Benefits

Candidates update their own availability from their shift calendar.

Less time spent chasing and rechecking for the most up to date information.

Power your agency to fill shifts quicker than ever before.

Be in the know

Accurate data

Candidates are able to update their availability calendar with the days, hours and shift patterns they are available from within your mobile app. This gives candidates the flexibility to update their available hours they can work when it’s convenient for them, which might not always be during your working hours.

Actionable and relevant

Configure your shift patterns

Set the shift patterns which your agency and its clients require, ensuring candidates are already aware of the shift which they are making themselves available. From your dashboard you can then see at a glance which shifts can be filled quickly with clear and actionable availability.

Data you can use

Simpler shift booking

Automatically remind your candidates to complete their availability for the week on a date of your choosing. Save time chasing candidates to provide their hours for the next week with a push message timed when you know it will have the most impact.

Keep candidates in the loop

Availability reminders

Accurate availability data is one thing, but if it doesn’t make shift booking simpler, its only solving half the challenge. Once your candidate availability is collected, you can filter and place candidates seamlessly through the platform.