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Biggest Challenges Recruiters Are Facing Right Now

The recruitment industry has changed and because of covid the way candidates are registered and inducted will never be the same again. Virtual recruiting is here to stay and as we ease further out of lockdown, you need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure upcoming challenges are minimised.

So what are the biggest challenges recruiters are facing right now?

Not being able to register candidates face to face

This will come as no huge surprise with what the past year has brought, but did you know that 81% of recruiting professionals say virtual recruiting will continue post covid?

Face to face registration has become more challenging, which is impacting on the amount of time it takes to get key information back from your candidates to place them into work. If you want to survive as we ease into a new normal, finding a remote solution such as our candidate management software will help you get in front of the already growing trends.

Not being able to save time

It’s taking up too much of your consultants’ time to place candidates, when they could be out there finding more work. Those recruiters who decided to ‘wait out’ the pandemic and continue the same until things got back to normal will be in for a shock as we ease into a new normal. Saving time is crucial when you are in the temp recruitment industry, the candidate turnover is high so you need to be able to have a slick process.

In order to keep up and save time, recruiters must:

  • Find the right candidates quickly
  • Deal with all administration
  • Reduce training time
  • And to do all this remotely

Maintaining a positive candidate experience

According to LinkedIn, 46% of hiring professionals believe the outbreak has negatively affected candidate experience. In the past year with the boom of remote recruiting, candidates require more assurances and clarity through the hiring process. Make sure you have laid out the full recruiting process, state if it isn’t entirely remote and don’t forget to have a plan b if technology fails.

Streamline your remote recruitment process

Company changes

One of the biggest obstacles recruiters are facing is that many other recruiters are closing down or downsizing. This can vary highly depending on which sector you operate in but this has proven to be a wake up call for many recruiters who need to look for solutions to keep afloat.

73% of recruiter decision-makers said covid will result in more UK businesses downsizing to smaller office spaces in the coming 12 months And 37% are planning to relocate to a smaller commercial space themselves.

How can recruiters overcome these challenges?

As a leader in revolutionary technology for recruiters, we know how hard the past 12 months have been in the industry. We always strive to give recruiters a solution as we work hard to live in a new normality. In fact, we have recently updated our new candidate management software so you can remotely register and induct new candidates with ease and much more.

If you are struggling to register candidates face to face, book a free demo of our system today!

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